2005 Anthology: Judging Stage

In a few days the final submissions are due for the 2005 Anthology. All the participants have worked hard this year, going through two intense workshops and two rewrite/edit periods. Hopefully the comments received will help each author to produce a great short story for the judges.

Once the stories have been forwarded to the judges, it’s just a matter of sitting back and waiting. We’re writers and we should be used to that. The one difference is that we know exactly what date to receive a reply – 5th November. Well, that’s when I receive the results…everyone else will have an extra 24 hours to wait.

Before we think about acceptances and rejections, we have to get the submissions in. I have five submissions out of 15 at the moment but there are still three days before the deadline. I hope no-one misses it, not after all the hard work they’ve put in.

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