Joining a Crit Group

I own a writing group called A Fantasy Writers Dream. It’s a group that can be quite active at times, but at others it simmers right down (that’s how it is right now). We talk about all things about writing, we offer support and encouragement and generally it’s a great place to learn and share.

However, most of the writers write adult or young adult fantasy. Whilst this is great and informative, I’m about to embark on childrens writing and felt that I needed to join a group who specialise in the younger audience. So I joined Childrens Writers, which is active and seems to be friendly too. I’m already learning more specific information about writing chapter books, which is terrific.

Then I took a step further as I decided that I wanted to join a crit group. For two reasons:

1. Receiving in-depth critiques improves the overall story, even if some comments received are way off the mark. (If this happens I always ensure that my work is clear and concise because the reader might be off the mark for a reason.)

2. Maybe having to meet an obligation will force me to write. I’m sick of talking about it (at the moment) and want to get back into actually doing it. This will be a great incentive.

So I placed a post looking for an opening in a critique group and someone else who was in a similar situation asked if I’d be interested in joining a new group. Within twenty four hours there were four of us joined up – all middle grade writers. We will keep the membership at four so that the critting doesn’t overtake the writing. This was a major concern of mine.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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