A Visit to the Library

You may not believe me but this is research. It’s probably going to be a pleasant experience but then I won’t know until I’m finished. 🙂

Today, I visited the library and had to endure suspicious looks from not only little kids, but their parents too. Some kids are ruthless and pushy, but they haven’t dealt with me before and I gave as good as I got…and I won the prize! 😉

Yes, I visited the junior fiction section of the library. I made it out alive and with nine books clasped tightly in my arms. Here’s the list:

The Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede – I realise this is book 2 of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles but the first one wasn’t there and I really felt this would be a book book for my research.

The Plague of Quentaris by Gary Crew – just the mention of “plague” got me interested in this one.

Quentaris in Flames by Michael Pryor – it’s from the same series as the previous book but by a different author. Thought it might show me how this type of thing works.

The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley – judged by the cover alone (we all do it), it reminded me of Harry Potter in a way but the blurb on the back quickly told me that the story will be nothing like the Potter books.

Runestone by Anna Ciddor – haven’t heard of book or author but the blurb tells me that anyone who enjoys a strong story and a richly imagined world is bound to love this book.

School of Wizardry (Circle of Magic, Book 1) by Debra Doyle and James D Macdonald – there are six books to the series and this is the first one. Let’s see if it entices me to get book 2.

Clockwork : Or All Wound Up by Philip Pullman – haven’t read anything by this author before and thought it was time to change that.

Russell Troy, Monster Boy (Magic Shop) by Bruce Coville – looks like it will be a fun read.

The Children of Green Knowe by L M Boston – first published in 1954, I think it’s important to see what makes a story stick around after all these years and compare them to the modern stories.

So there you have it. Nine children’s chapter books. What will I learn from reading them? Time will tell.

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