Starting Trilogy Book 2

I’ve decided that I won’t dilvulge any information on this book but I will talk about it frequently.

After a long hiatus for various reasons, none of them are more than weak excuses, I forced myself to make a decision on what I will do next. As the collaborative project needs a giant battle to be written (and I know this will cause me no end of headaches and procrastination), I have decided to start work on Book 2 of my trilogy.

I have a rough plan swimming around in my head, but there are holes that need plugging. In order to get this book right first time round (OK, maybe not first time but I definitely don’t want to rewrite this one ten times) I have been working through the steps of the Snowflake Process.

Step 1: Write a sentence describing the book – This might sound easy but it’s not. After writing many sentences, I discovered that there was always something that could be considered a lie, or misleading. It’s meant to be fifteen words or less but the sentence I’ve settled on turned out to be twenty-two words. I’m happy with that, and the sentence is true to the story too.

Now, on to Step 2…

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