Book 2: Characters

Being book 2 I already have a cast of characters. Yet the antagonists in book 1 were dealt with so a new antagonist has stepped up to the mark. He’s coming through as a powerful man. I think he’s going to be quite challenging to the main characters.

A person who was only talked about in book 1 will also make an appearance. This will cause some tension and although I already know a lot about him, I don’t know his personality yet. It should be fun finding out.

Now that I know who will be taking the roles, I intend to write a few paragraphs telling the story from each of these people’s point of view. It’s amazing what you learn about the characters and the plot by doing this.

By the way, this is step 3 of the Snowflake Process.

Book 2: My Novel Paragraph

Step 2 of the Snowflake Process is to write a paragraph showing the major events of the manuscript. This should be five sentences long. The first sentence sets up the story. The second, third and fourth sentences show each of the disasters. And the final sentence wraps everything up in a nice neat bundle.

This step isn’t too difficult if you know what the major disasters are in your story, like I do. I’m fine with the disasters, it’s the stuff in between that is lacking for me, but that will be looked at in a later step.

Right now I have to move on to Step 3 – the characters. This should be easy as I already have profiles for the main characters, and I know them extremely well by now. The antagonist is a new character, so I’ll have to do some work there. Also, there are some other characters that I’ll need to know a little about before I can write about them convincingly.

However, Step 3 can wait until tomorrow. It’s late and I’m going to relax for a short time before heading off to bed.

Starting Trilogy Book 2

I’ve decided that I won’t dilvulge any information on this book but I will talk about it frequently.

After a long hiatus for various reasons, none of them are more than weak excuses, I forced myself to make a decision on what I will do next. As the collaborative project needs a giant battle to be written (and I know this will cause me no end of headaches and procrastination), I have decided to start work on Book 2 of my trilogy.

I have a rough plan swimming around in my head, but there are holes that need plugging. In order to get this book right first time round (OK, maybe not first time but I definitely don’t want to rewrite this one ten times) I have been working through the steps of the Snowflake Process.

Step 1: Write a sentence describing the book – This might sound easy but it’s not. After writing many sentences, I discovered that there was always something that could be considered a lie, or misleading. It’s meant to be fifteen words or less but the sentence I’ve settled on turned out to be twenty-two words. I’m happy with that, and the sentence is true to the story too.

Now, on to Step 2…

Lack of Reading

Anyone checking my reading list will see that The Runes of the Earth (The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Book 1) by Stephen Donaldson has been on top of the list for months. I thought I’d better let you know that I finished the book about two months ago, but I haven’t started another novel as yet, so the list remains unchanged.

What did I think of Runes of the Earth, I hear you ask? 🙂

It’s been so long since the last set of books that the author had to do a lot of back story to remind the reader “what had gone before”. Whilst he did well with this, it did become tiresome and after reading 200 pages I was well and truly over it. I didn’t want to know what happen back then, I wanted the now to advance.

Maybe my taste has changed because I loved the first six books, but I found this one to be slow and long winded.

Will I read the next two books?

Good question. I think I’ll wait for the library to get copies and borrow them (which is what I did with this book).

This has proven one thing to me, when a story is over…it’s over! Don’t try to breathe life into old characters and settings because it usually doesn’t work. Let your fans remember them with love instead of ruining that imagine with more adventures that don’t quite move the reader in the same way.