Book 2: My Novel Paragraph

Step 2 of the Snowflake Process is to write a paragraph showing the major events of the manuscript. This should be five sentences long. The first sentence sets up the story. The second, third and fourth sentences show each of the disasters. And the final sentence wraps everything up in a nice neat bundle.

This step isn’t too difficult if you know what the major disasters are in your story, like I do. I’m fine with the disasters, it’s the stuff in between that is lacking for me, but that will be looked at in a later step.

Right now I have to move on to Step 3 – the characters. This should be easy as I already have profiles for the main characters, and I know them extremely well by now. The antagonist is a new character, so I’ll have to do some work there. Also, there are some other characters that I’ll need to know a little about before I can write about them convincingly.

However, Step 3 can wait until tomorrow. It’s late and I’m going to relax for a short time before heading off to bed.

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