Making Progress…Slowly

The deadline for the anthology story is 3rd July, which gives me a week. Hmmm. Can I do it?

Spending the better part of the last week procrastinating over what changes have to be made hasn’t helped in the slightest. Even though I wasn’t feeling 100% for a few days, and I believe that lead me to worrying about things that I wouldn’t usually give a second thought, I think I’ve left this edit to the last minute. This is not a good habit to fall into.

Last night, I pushed myself into opening the document and forced myself to start going through the first scene. The essense of the story hasn’t change but I feel the main character has more depth. And…I found a natural way to get the gender across without it feeling forced and contrived, so I was pleased with that.

Today, I will attempt to do the same with the second scene. There’s a lot of dialogue in this scene and one of the things that all the critters said was that my main character sounded too educated. So my aim in this scene is to pick words that sound educated for one character, and simple words for the other one. Should be interesting. Meanwhile, I’m trying to use stronger descriptive words too. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and as the story is told in first person, it doesn’t allow for a lot of play because it’s this character that the critters felt sounded to educated.

Once this scene has been completed, I’ll be two thirds of the way through the edit. So yes, I think I will make it.

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