Character Sub Plots Part 2

Yesterday, I said that I was going to start a spreadsheet and define my character’s sub plots. Well, this has proven to be difficult. In my mind I know what each character will be doing but to separate the threads like this is…challenging.

First, I had to write down the main plot. That was easy. Then I took each of the major characters and wrote down their subplot, which has got nothing to do with the main plot. One of the characters is dealing with inner conflict, another character is trying to deal with someone who is hostile towards him but he doesn’t know why, a third character has fallen in love and finds it difficult to focus on the job at hand, while a fourth character has his own agenda.

This is all while they carry out the main plot. It’s quite interesting how they cross over and effect each other, which causes conflict, tension and an interesting story. And of course, the more I discover about these people now, the easier it will be for me to portray them in a realistic manner.

It’s fun, even if it is giving me a headache.

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