Having an Opinion

Everyone has an opinion. No one can take that away but why do some people insist on attacking a person because they have an opinion. It’s usually because the opinion is different to their own.

I was brought up believing “kids should be seen and not heard”. My opinions were not nurtured until late in life because of my upbringing. I had no opinions except what I overheard but at some stage in life I discovered that I didn’t always believe the same thing as the next person. However, I still have trouble expressing those opinions, and when I do it really peevs me when someone (anyone) tries to squash me. What gives another person the right to tell me that what I believe is wrong? Nothing and no-one has that right!

Yesterday, I made a statement on the message board. I said something that was my opinion and by the comments made by other people I was made to feel that I had to defend myself. The thing is, the comment was just a simple thought that I had while browsing some reviews of my favourite author – Paula Volsky. I discovered that she has written several books using the same world, but only one of them used a character from Illusion (my all time favourite book). All the others were set in the same world but used completely new, unknown characters. My comment was that I wouldn’t like to read books like that because I’d feel disappointed when the characters I loved didn’t turn up. I’d turn the pages looking for them, waiting for their arrival and that would distract me from the novel at hand. The second part of my comment was that I believe an author who writes lots of books using the same setting is lazy.

That is my opinion. That’s how I feel. I’m not wrong, because this isn’t a thing of right or wrong — it’s me! I’m not forcing that onto other people. I don’t care if another reader loves the same setting with different characters. That is up to them. I don’t care if they write a dozen books in the same world. That’s their choice too.

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