Time Traveller

I found the following information originally on Steve Thorn’s site. Thanks for sharing, Steve.

Nostradamus, Mother Shipton and now John Titor. Although two of these people claimed to forecast the future, one of them claims to be from the future.

The Story of John Titor is a strange one. He claims to be from 2036. He travelled back in time to November 2000. He suddenly appeared online and started to document his claims–answering questions and warning us of civil unrest in 2004-2005 and a big war in 2015. Then in March 2001 he said it was time to go home and he disappeared.

Some say that the creator of John Titor did it as a hoax, but it seems that he has pulled a lot of people into his circle and has left those people still trying to prove or disprove what he said.

Take a look for yourself and make up your own mind.

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