This is a rant so feel free to skip this post if you want.

Lord of the Rings by Tolkien are the most boring books I’ve read. In fact, I couldn’t finish the first one and will never attempt to read the others. The writing is stiff and long winded, and it takes the author forever to say something that could have been said in a single page. I know the series was written over 50 years ago and that accounts for the style and I could make allowances for that if the writing wasn’t so boring.

So…having said this, I will now say that I know few people who actually did enjoy the books yet many writing discussions are turned to LotR. The discussions could be about anything and then someone mentions LotR and that’s the end of the discussion. It happens all the time and it makes me so mad.

Personally, I believe the movies are much better and they have built up an author to be something he’s not (or wasn’t). For those people who aspire to produce a novel in the same light as Tolkien, let me say one thing – it’s Tolkien’s light and you’ll be in his shadow. Your manuscript will never become a book, and if you did manage to find a fool to publish it the world will rubbish you for years because you can never fill the shoes of Tolkien. Thing is, who’d want to? Books are meant to be enjoyed, not bore us to sleep.

Forget Tolkien and become your own person. Write your own story, make your own history and above all – do a better job than Tolkien!

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