Most Common Names

I’ve decided to change the name of my fantasy world.

Firstly, because there is an online fantasy game using the current name and even though I can prove I’ve been using the name for at least 8 years, I don’t want to bother with any legal hassles later on should this story find a publisher.

Secondly, the existing name doesn’t fit with the history. So I have decided to change that. In truth, one man would name the world and I believe he would connect the fantasy world with his past. The logical answer would be that he’ll name the world after his deceased mother and his beloved wife. He will use their christen names to come up with an unusual name for the world. Or, perhaps he’d use the name of his former property which would be a combination of his parents names. Lastly, he might bring his political outlook into play.

Hence, I need to know what the Most Common Names of the early 1600’s were. I will then have to play around with the names until I find two names that (in part) will join together to become the new name of my fantasy world.


I have to find a strange, awkward name that will be the “real” name of the world, but it won’t play a big part of the story and even when the truth is discovered, the characters will continue to use the name they know.

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