Looks Count

They say looks don’t count but sometimes they do. I’m not talking about how a person looks but what a publisher’s website looks like.

I’ve visited a few dozen websites in the last two weeks and whilst some present themselves in a manner that makes me feel “yes, I’d like to be publishered by these people”, quite a number of them make me think “if this is how shabby their website is, what’s the business like?”

I know they are publishers not web designers but really, if they don’t care about their image online then I can’t see their author’s books doing very well. There’s an old saying — you have to spend money to make money (or words to that affect) — and I believe those publishers should have a professional looking site.

They expect us to be professional in our dealings with them and I expect the same from them (and their website is included in this). Maybe I’m too fussy but first impressions are important. Don’t you agree?

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