What am I doing?

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a few days. It’s not that I’ve been particularly busy, or slack, it’s because I had to allow my brain to simmer the next two scenes of the Collaborative novel. One day wasn’t enough.

Last night, I actually completed chapter 21. It’s only a short chapter but it gives some back story that will pivot the story into the next sector – the climb to the climax.

Today, I started chapter 22, after much procrastination in the morning. I had planned to get up early and do some writing while everyone else was still asleep. That plan didn’t happen. I got caught in the “I’ll just do …….. (insert any number of odd jobs around the house from having breakfast, washing up, doing the washing, feeding the animals)” and before I knew it, it was 11am and I hadn’t written a single word. 🙁

I promptly decided that I had to change that because I didn’t want the day to disappear and still have nothing written. So I sat at the computer with a blank screen and I typed a word…then another word…and another. It was like having teeth pulled but I managed to write a little under a 1000 words (but it took me all day to do it).

It’s a start, and I’ll allow the scene to simmer some more between now and my next writing session tomorrow. But for now, I think I’ve done enough and it’s time to relax and do … whatever!

Collaboration Project

A couple of years ago, a member of my Email Writing Group and I decided to write a novel together. We write a chapter or so each, then pass it over to the other person. There was a long period last year (actually, it was almost the whole year) when we didn’t work on this manuscript at all. We both had our reasons but have since picked up the pieces and will now endeavour to finish it. We are up to chapter 21.

At the moment, we are trying to pull the strings together and we’ll soon be at the climax. It’s exciting and the story is great. It’s only the first draft, so we’ll have our work cut out for us in the editing stage but I can see the end is in sight.

Anyway, my co-writer forwarded me the latest chapters and I’ve only just finished reading them. I know what I have to write but I want to think it over until tomorrow night and then I will put the scene until that big, white screen. Fun.

This is my third writing project. I can only work on one project at a time, so why have I got three projects going?