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You have listened to my whining long enough. I promise that this post will be more positive. 🙂

Last night, I was chatting to a few people in a chatroom on my message board and I mentioned that I was having problems writing. A dear friend of mine, Firle, asked me lots of questions and then asked me to make a promise to her and keep it.

Let me say at this time that I don’t make promises lightly.

Firle asked me to promise that I would write 500 words this weekend. 500 words. It’s hardly anything really but I had to think about it because I wouldn’t make a promise unless I felt I could keep it. We didn’t have much planned for the weekend so I knew time wouldn’t be a problem but could I make myself do it? I decided that I would try.

I made the promise (in front of witnesses too).

The promise weighed heavily on my mind this morning. I wouldn’t feel good if I had to contact Firle and give a reason (or should I say … excuse) for why I couldn’t or didn’t write a meager 500 words. At 11am I told my family that I was not available for any reason for an hour an a half and then I opened the latest chapter of my novel.

It took me an hour to get started. No, I didn’t do anything else except look at the document. I re-read what I had already written and made some minor editing changes and then I typed a word…followed by the next words…and presto, I was writing.

Here it is nine hours later and I have written 3533 words! Isn’t that brilliant? 😀

I’ve allowed myself a short break…as a reward for my hard work…but I will go back to the chapter right after putting this post up and continue writing. Hey, I might even finish the chapter!

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