The Value of Reading

You may have noticed in the right hand column that I’m currently reading Passage by Connie Willis.

It’s a thick book, over 700 pages, and it’s hard to put into words my thoughts on how this book started. The first 300 pages was a series of events that repeated themselves over and over again. Now, normally I would have given up on a book that did this because I find it boring but there’s no way I can say this book is boring. I kept reading because it grabbed my interest. I won’t give reasons why because that would spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read the book yet, but there are definite reasons for why I continued to read on.

Then…I remember saying to myself that I was beginning to grow tired of the repetition and if nothing happens … and soon … then I’d have to give up. The next chapter changed roads, and there’s no way I could put the book down after that. No way!

Each chapter drew me further into the web. Each chapter ended at a crucial part of the story, making me turn the page and continue to read. When I did put the book down, I couldn’t stop thinking about where I was up to and what might happen next. This book has me captivated 100%.

I’m currently around page 580. Last night I thought I’d read a chapter before going to bed but I couldn’t stop, and then something happened that caught me completely off guard and to put the book down after that was unthinkable. It was almost 2am when I *had* to put the book down and go to sleep – or risk having a migraine today. I couldn’t sleep because the images wouldn’t leave me alone. This morning, I got up early and continued reading.

This is truly a remarkable book and as an author I would be proud to have my own writing affect a person to the degree Passage has affected me. There are still quite a few pages to go before I reach the end and I have no idea where it’s going to end up but I’m going to enjoy the journey – I know that for a fact.

If you haven’t read the book…do so! The subject matter is morbid – near death experiences – but the storyline and characters are fantastic. Connie Willis must be a great writer because of the two books I’ve read by her, both have had me wanting more.

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