Moving to another location

No, I’m not shifting my webspace again. I’ll be at this location for, at least, the rest of this year but I’ve got this web address for three years so…I’m going no where.

I’ve been complaining about the internet and how much of a distraction it can be. Well, yesterday afternoon I moved all my files onto the kitchen table and finished off my planning…in long hand! Actually, it was good. I write heaps slower than I type which means my brain has time to sort out where its at as I write. I should do it more often.

I completed the history, I adjusted my other notes (for the final time), I wrote a rough story plan then made up a chapter plan from it, I calculated a timeline, a key points list and, finally, a distance list. No great planner is set unless she has everything printed out and neatly placed in a folder, so I did that too.

So…all planning is now 100% complete and writing can commence as soon as I do some research on judo. I’ve made my main character a judo expert and I don’t know the first thing about judo. How crazy is that? I do insist on making life difficult, don’t I?

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