Happy New Year

Half a decade has gone! This is something that amazes me because it’s flown by so quickly, and I have achieved nothing.

2005 will be different to 2004. I will make sure of that. I wasted so much time in 2004 that it makes me feel sick thinking about it. That won’t happen this year. I’m determined to be more focused.

I’ve been working on my planning and thanks to Jeff Mullen, Editor, who has given me a list of questions to help me rebuild my world, I am well on the way to doing it right this time. Last year, I rewrote my manuscript but I didn’t actually rewrite it (I mainly edited it) and now I’m suffering the consequences of my own actions. Why? Because I was too lazy, or I didn’t feel inspired. What does it matter? I didn’t do it right and now I must do it again. This time, except for the first two chapters, I will rewrite the entire story. I am hoping to write a chapter a week and this time I will do it right.

On Monday, I will start revising the first chapter. There…I’ve made a committment.

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