Anthology 2004 Update

During 2004 I organised a project for the members of my message board and we wrote fantasy and science fiction stories with the intent on trying to get them published.

There were 24 participants to start with, but by the end of the project we had 11 people still struggling to produce the best story they could. The ten finalists came in with fabulous stories and, before Christmas, I posted them to a publisher in Canberra – Ginninderra Press.

Today, I received a reply. It wasn’t a rejection but it wasn’t the acceptance we had planned either. The publisher wants to publish the stories but he’ll only do so if we pay for the printing costs. He insists this is NOT vanity printing, and ensures us that the authors will receive 12.5% royalties and will also be paid extra until the publishing costs are reimbursed.

Decision time. What are we going to do?

My original plan was to get as many writers as possible publishered – by this I mean they are paid for their story and have it in print – and this doesn’t quite fit that scenario. However, could this be the beginning of something great for us? This might be the opportunity to get our name out there? But will it be? Who will be doing the marketing?

I don’t know. My instinct is that if I have to pay money out, then I’m not really being published. Yet, there are successful authors out there who started with vanity press (which this is not – or, so I’m told). Oh, it’s confusing. I wish I could look into a crystal ball and know what to expect in the future.

There are ten authors, so hopefully someone will say something that will ring true with me and help me make the decision and feel comfortable with it, but at the moment, I’m swaying towards “no”.

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