Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

I’m giving my main character a change of personality and was thinking of making her a loner. This would be ideal for the situation she’s going to find herself in and would be the cause of some major conflict. I’ve been doing some research on “loners” and this is what I discovered (most websites agree with this too):

    WriteCraft Writers- Writer’s Guide to Character Traits

      A Loner usually:
      * Is unemotional or unexcitable
      * Finds comfort in being alone
      * Avoids social relationships and emotional entanglements
      * Is not interested in sex
      * Has few close friends, but may be close to a sister or brother
      * Lacks social skills
      * Appears to be self-absorbed or detached
      * Chooses hobbies, interests, or careers that allow him/her to be alone
      * Is harsh with him-/herself

        A Loner may be:
        * A product of an alcoholic home
        * Predisposed to alcoholism
        * Considered eccentric
        * Could retreat from emotional displays
        * Gravitate to harsh environments
        * Psychopathic

        This could be interesting. It would mean I’d have to revise her history too but that’s fine because, at the moment, this character is dead boring.

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