My Progress

I’m taking my time working through the steps of the Snowflake Process.

Step 1 was easy enough. I had to write a sentence in up to 15 words showing the overall story. I wrote several versions and then tailored the one that best describes my proposed manuscript.

Step 2 was much harder. All I had to do was write a paragraph showing three disasters and the ending. I realised I didn’t know the story well enough to write the paragraph so that prompted me to do some more thinking. Now I have the required paragraph, a sturdy plot, personalities for my characters, a rough chapter outline and a sense of achievement.

Step 3 is where I’m up to now. I have to do a basic character profile by writing in one sentence what the character’s storyline is (which is a different thing to the actual plot). Then I had to work out what motivated my characters, what their goals are and what they will learn by their experience in the manuscript. By doing this I discovered one of my character’s personality wasn’t strong enough and he’s been given a bit of a shake to get him motivated.

I’ve only written the basic character plan for one character. I have two more major characters and the antagonist to go but it’s not hard, it just requires some thinking.

No wonder my brain hurts today!

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