Moving on to Step 4

I decided to add the link to the Snowflake Process to the navigation bar to your right. It’s worth trying.

I have spent longer than I planned on Step 3 and I’m still not entirely happy with the profiles I have but I will go back and modify them later. I think I need to work out more of the plot first and Step 4 (of the Snowflake Process) will help me do just that.

I really like the process so far. It’s common sense and find plot holes before you start writing. I’ve discovered more than I bargained for and my characters have been given new personalities because the characters I had couldn’t handle the situations I intend to put them in. These revised characters will learn and grow, and I feel excited for them.

Anyway, Step 4 requires that I expand the one paragraph storyline into a one page synopsis. That will be killing two birds with one stone – I like that!

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