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Page last updated on 31 January 2019

This page has existed since 2004 and many of the links that could be found here either had totally disappeared or took you to a page that had been taken over by a non-writing entity, that just wanted to throw advertising in your face.

The few links that remained, whilst were still writing related, have grown old and stale. I’m sure good advice could still be found among them, however the world of writing has moved on and it’s time this links page did too.

With this in mind, I have decided to scrap the old links and start afresh.

Below are the headings. If you know of a link that absolutely must appear here, or if (heaven forbid) you discover a broken link, please use the contact form and let me know.

I hope you find the links on this page helpful! No link on this list is an affiliate link.

Writing Sites I Recommend

Writing Software I Recommend

Snowflake Process of Writing a Novel – for planning your novel. Purchase the software or use the manual method. I’ve done both, and they both work wonders.

yWriter 6 – I use this software for every project I write. It’s brilliant!

Calibre Ebook Management – it’s free and easy to use. You can’t go wrong.

Sigil Ebook Editor – also free and easy to use.

Character Building

Building a Fantasy World

Writing a Novel

Writing Dialogue

Scenes and Plots

Preparing for Digital Publication

Manuscript Preparation

The Proposal and Submission Process

Handling Rejection

You’ve Been Accepted! Now What?

Model Contracts – to have a look at.
Writer Beware – current alerts!

General Links

This section covers everything that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

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