Writing Course: The Writing Industry and You

Today’s topic was quite long, as will be tomorrow’s. I thought about splitting the topic into two parts but decided against it. 2: The Writing Industry and You Writing is a solitary process. Even those sitting in an office surrounded by people, work alone when writing. Some writers love this isolation, others feel it keenly. … Read moreWriting Course: The Writing Industry and You

Plan of Donnington Castle and Making a Map

I have been building a fantasy world for the trilogy I plan to write.  Part of that research includes finding out the history of Donnington Castle in southern England.  I can’t, or won’t, tell you the reason for this research as it is top secret.  But I will say that I was overjoyed when I … Read morePlan of Donnington Castle and Making a Map


Resuming work after a nice break is always difficult, but it has to be done if food is going to be put on the table. Today, I returned to work after a break of almost three weeks. *sigh* However, I won’t dwell on that. Let me tell you what I’ve been doing – in terms … Read moreTiddlyWiki

Getting Inside Your Character’s Head

This week I’ve been too caught up in promoting the online book launch party for the anthology to do any writing. However, the weekend is here and I refuse to let spare hours in the day not be put to good use. Let’s talk about writing for a change. The first draft of Mirror Image … Read moreGetting Inside Your Character’s Head

Bubonic Plague in Australia

Some people believe the plague ended in the seventeenth century, but this is not so. There have been many outbreaks around the world right up to the present time. In mid-January 1900 bubonic plague made its first recorded appearance in Australia, being officially declared in Adelaide on the 15th of the month and in Sydney … Read moreBubonic Plague in Australia