Editing Course: Types of Electronic Documents

This is pretty basic and I wasn’t going to include it on the website, but then I realised that not everyone knows what electronic documents are. My mother still can’t understand why digital cameras don’t need a film or how an email can be received within seconds of sending it, especially when the recipient is … Read moreEditing Course: Types of Electronic Documents

Editing Course: Putting it all Together

So far during the course I’ve learned many things. Some interesting theory about the publishing world and some stuff I already knew but was pleased to do a refresher for. The main thing I’ve learned, however, is the proofreading marks and conventions. The topics in the current unit are now all practical exercises, putting together … Read moreEditing Course: Putting it all Together

Editing Course: Standard & Comparative Proofreading

Yesterday I completed the second half of the practical exercises in topic 2, which I wrote about on Tuesday. This morning I did two more topics, so now I’m back on track. Below are the notes from the theory side of the two topics: 3: Standard Proofreading Standard proofreading uses margin marks (as does comparative … Read moreEditing Course: Standard & Comparative Proofreading

Editing Course: Editor & Proofreader’s Tools

Becoming an editor and/or proofreader means you must have an excellent understanding of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, formatting and layout. Obviously, no one can remember everything connected with these things so it is important to have a good set of tools. Tools required are: 1. A good localised dictionary (ie it’s no use owning a … Read moreEditing Course: Editor & Proofreader’s Tools

Editing Course: Editing & Proofreading – What’s the Difference?

The second day of my course was all theory. In an effort to retain the maximum amount of information, I intend to write about the theory topics here. However, I probably won’t write posts for the practical topics, which I notice will start from topic 4 onwards. We’ll see what happens when the time comes. … Read moreEditing Course: Editing & Proofreading – What’s the Difference?