Taking the Hard Road

Due to the hiccup I’ve experienced over the last few days where Mirror Image is concerned, I’ve decided to do myself a favour and pull back from that manuscript for […]

Planning a Trilogy

While Mirror Image is out being read by someone else, I find myself with some time to spare so I thought I’d plan the planning of a fantasy trilogy I […]


Resuming work after a nice break is always difficult, but it has to be done if food is going to be put on the table. Today, I returned to work […]

Research on Penicillin

Some links regarding penicillin, which is something I need to know for one of the Marlinor trilogy storylines. Penicillin on Wiki What is Penicillin? Penicillin: The First Wonder Drug Diseases […]

Rewrite: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 was also an easy chapter to edit. This is good because it means I’ve got something done and that will inspire me on. This second chapter is basically […]