Australian Writers Marketplace Online

All serious writers will eventually purchase a copy of their country’s writers marketplace. Most countries have them, as far as I’m aware, but they might have slightly different names. Over the years, I’ve purchase a couple of these reference books. The first time I hardly used the book as I was over eager and purchased … Read moreAustralian Writers Marketplace Online

Piers Anthony’s Internet Publishing

Piers Anthony’s Internet Publishing has a long, long list of publishers and services. He covers all genres and all types of publishing. I think this is a good resource for anyone interested in having something published. Piers Anthony has included his own thoughts on the publisher where appropriate, and has tried to include all useful … Read morePiers Anthony’s Internet Publishing

If I was an editor…

We hear horror stories about the slush pile all the time. 1. The great stories that have slipped through the fingers of an editor because they didn’t read it. 2. The dozens, more often hundreds, of rejection letters received by serious writers before they are accepted (if they are). 3. The gut feeling that the … Read moreIf I was an editor…

First Rights

This is a promise the manuscript has not previously been published anywhere, through any media. Often this might read First Australian Rights, or First UK Rights and so on, which means that the work has not been published within the specified country or area before. Once you have sold a manuscript’s first rights in one … Read moreFirst Rights

Manuscript Format

Benjamin Solah brought this website to my attention. It’s called William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story and is naturally telling us how to format our manuscripts. I’ve read through the page and agree totally with what he says. Do yourself a favour, if you want to be a professional, learn to set out … Read moreManuscript Format

Writing a Good Query Letter

Following a recent rejection I received on behalf of the 2004 Anthology stories, it’s time to hit the query stage again. However, I want to revise the query letter I was using so I’ve been looking around for some hints on letter writing. Most of the following is common sense, but I’m going to make … Read moreWriting a Good Query Letter