Preloved Books FAQ

Below are the questions people mostly want the answers to before purchasing books. Click on the question to read the answer.

If the answers to your questions are not here then I encourage you to Contact me.

“What do the definitions for the book conditions mean?”

Very Good – The book looks almost new and is in attractive condition, with no soiling and no creases or worn edges.

Good –The average used book with all pages present. Books are in good condition, with good binding and very little soiling or creases. A name may be inscribed on the first page, but this does not interfere with readability.

Fair – Obviously well worn and frequently handled, but no text pages are missing. Books with somewhat loose bindings, highlighting or annotations, cocked spine, torn or edge worn dust jackets, fall into this category, but these things do not interfere with readability.

Poor – All text is legible but the pages may be soiled. There could be binding defects.

“Where will you post to?”

I will post parcels up to 5kg anywhere in Australia through Australia Post using their Parcel Post Plus Satchels.

International orders is very expensive, so sorry, I will not post outside Australia.

“What happens if my order is over 5 kg?”

If you know the weight will go over 5 kg, then don’t proceed with your purchase through the shop. Use the contact form instead to get a quote and/or make other arrangements.

If you haven’t realised the order is over 5kg, then I will contact you with a list of options. Unfortunately, there may be additional fees required to process your order. If the options available are not suitable then a refund will be issued (less any PayPal fees paid).

“Can I pick up the books and save on shipping fees?”

Yes. However, you must use the contact form and make prior arrangements.

“I don’t have a credit card or a PayPal account, what should I do?”

No problem. There are other options available: you can pay through direct deposit or by posting a cheque. Please note that orders will not be released until funds have been cleared at the bank.

“When will my books be shipped?”

Within 48 hours of receipt of payment. Payments by cheque need to be cleared at the bank before release of the order. Please also allow for public holidays.