Page updated on 1 July 2018.

The progress bars below show the status of my current works-in-progress. I recently removed all manuscripts that have been at a stand still for some time (in some cases years) as I didn’t see the point in them being here.

Short Stories

I don’t write many short stories as I tend to gravitate towards longer works of fiction. Short story writing is not easy. It takes great talent to work all aspects of a story into such a small word count and I don’t think I’ve quite got the hang of it yet. Practice makes perfect, or so they say, so I’ll keep practicing.

Wynter’s Boundaries – 100% Complete (needs further editing)

5,900 / 6,000

Children’s Chapter Books

Chapter books are just a fancy name for children’s novels. It distinguishes picture books from longer stories for children which are separated into chapters. This is a very important time for young readers as they are attempting to read stories by themselves. I write for the 8 to 12 year old age group.

The King’s Riddle (Land of Miu, #2) – 100% Complete

30,000 / 30,000

The Lion Gods (Land of Miu, #3) – 100% Complete

30,000 / 30,000

(Untitled at Present) (Land of Miu, #4) – 0% Complete

0 / 30,000

The Canoeing (Mis)Adventure – 57% Complete

5,738 / 10,000

Young Adult Manuscripts

I love reading young adult novels, so it seems fitting that I enjoy writing for this age group too. These days, the young adult genre is overlapping into the adult category and sometimes it’s very difficult to distinguish between the two.

I have nothing in this category at present.

Adult Manuscripts

Most of my completed manuscripts have been for adults. However, that was when I was just starting out so they all need major work done to them. The two listed below are the only ones I intend to restart from scratch and rewrite.

Whispering Caves – 16% Complete

16,345 / 100,000

Untitled (Prequel to Whispering Caves) – 0% Complete

0 / 100,000

Domino Effect (A dark novel) – 100% Complete

85,000 / 85,000

Non-Fiction Manuscripts

I doubt I’ll write many non-fiction books. However, I do have one under way and that manuscript will be published in some form in the future. I will ensure it is one way or another.

I have nothing in this category at present.