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Below you will find my available books and publications. Some are a free download, while others are available for purchase in paperback and/or various ebook formats. New publications will be added to the top of its category list — books or articles. Click on the cover or the title to be taken to a page with a more in-depth blurb, information on characters and settings, free chapter samples and more.

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All my books are available in various digital formats. They can be purchased direct from me or from most online ebook stores. Paperbacks are only available for adult fiction.

Domino Effect CoverDomino Effect: A Dark Novel
released 7 January 2019
Adult, Dark Fiction

Domino Effect, is a dark novel showing a family in despair after a loved one dies by suicide and the effect one person’s decision has on those left behind. The story is fictitious, but the emotions and some of the scenes are based on the author’s real experiences. Read more…

Available in paperback and various digital formats.

The Lion Gods coverThe Lion Gods (Land of Miu, #3)
released 1 June 2018
Children’s Fiction (9+), Fantasy

When Princess Alara is informed Manu has been struck by a deadly fever, she is told to find Aker, who can provide an antidote. But is Aker just a myth? Read more…

Available in various digital formats.

The King’s Riddle (Land of Miu, #2, 2nd ed.)
2nd edition released 22 May 2015
Children’s Fiction (9+), Fantasy

A Miuan princess and her guard-in-training have activated the volcano deep beneath the tunnels in which they live and must solve an ancient riddle to save the people of Miu. Read more…

Available in various digital formats.

The Land of Miu (Land of Miu, #1, 3rd ed.)
3rd edition released 3 May 2015
Children’s Fiction (9+), Fantasy

A pre-teen must protect the source of her anger and jealousy when she finds herself in the mystical, and dangerous, Land of Miu. Read more…

Available in various digital formats.



Hope: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction to Help Raise Suicide Awareness
Edited by Sasha Beattie
Released 7 October 2011, out of print 31 December 2014

Thirteen Australian speculative fiction writers take you from the great unknown of our own planet, to the stars, and beyond to mystical fantasy worlds. Includes my story “Boundaries”. Read more…

Published by Kayelle Press.

100 Stories for Queensland100 Stories for Queensland
Released May 2011

This anthology has something for everyone, from slice of life to science fiction, fantasy to romance, paranormal to literary fiction. Includes my story “Amunet’s Gift”. Read more…

All profits donated to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.

Published by eMergent Publishing.

Speculative Realms:
Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Edited by Sasha Beattie
Released July 2008, out of print 31 December 2014

If you want something badly enough, you will find the means to get it. Let demons, mages, technology and love show you the way.

A collection of fantasy, science fiction and horror stories, including my story “Where Strength Lies”. Read more…



To Access or Not to Access, That is the Question – published by The Scriptorium in June 2003


Interviews and Guest Posts

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Who is Karen Lee Field?

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