What’s the Point Anyway?

What’s the point of a scene? There’s only one answer to this question – each scene moves the story along. So if you’re writing scenes that don’t move the story along, then you’re wasting your time. Those scenes need to be deleted, no exceptions. With my latest project, I’ve found myself asking “so what’s the … Read moreWhat’s the Point Anyway?

5 Act Plan

I’m not sure where the information originally came from but thanks go to Kristine from the AFWD group for sharing. 1) Exposition or Introduction Establishes tone, setting, some of main characters, previous events to understand play, and main conflict. 2) Rising Action A series of complications for the protagonist that come out of the main … Read more5 Act Plan

Writing the Perfect Scene

Writing the Perfect Scene – When I read this it made perfect sense to me. A light went on in my head – “this is something I’m doing wrong”. I will learn to write using the Motivation Reaction Units within my Scenes and Sequals. Motivation is what the character sees, hears, smells, tastes, and feels … Read moreWriting the Perfect Scene