Writing: Working Towards the Future

For many months I have been working on a manuscript called Mirror Image. It is a project I have always felt was worthy of telling – not only for the story itself, but for the underlying messages too. It is a manuscript I believe in and I know that, if I were to write it … Read moreWriting: Working Towards the Future

Knowing When the Time is Right

It’s been almost three years since I lost my son. This morning, after spending several hours on another project, my thoughts returned to the manuscript I started less than a year after his death. I thought I might pick up where I had left off and see it through to completion in the next year … Read moreKnowing When the Time is Right

My Writing Future

Yesterday, I listed fourteen novel length manuscripts that I have at various stages. Fourteen! When added together, that is some word count! Not to mention all the edits and rewrites. I guess I can safely say the ideas are there. Some of the manuscripts were started many, many years ago and have not progressed in … Read moreMy Writing Future

My Writing Past

Previously, I’ve mainly written fantasy. I have manuscripts suitable for all ages. However, I specifically concentrated on children’s books – 8 to 12 years of age – over recent years. The only time I ventured into other genres were for short stories, although one of my first novel length manuscripts is romance (but even that … Read moreMy Writing Past

Non-Fiction: The First Steps

Finally, I’ve found information on writing non-fiction that is written by an author with credentials that look impressive…and she has been published by a number of main stream publishers too. Jenna Glatzer started a thread in the Absolute Write Forums called Learn The Nonfiction Book Publication Process With Momma Jenna. Below is an abbreviation of … Read moreNon-Fiction: The First Steps