My Writing Future

Yesterday, I listed fourteen novel length manuscripts that I have at various stages. Fourteen! When added together, that is some word count! Not to mention all the edits and rewrites. […]

My Writing Past

Previously, I’ve mainly written fantasy. I have manuscripts suitable for all ages. However, I specifically concentrated on children’s books – 8 to 12 years of age – over recent years. […]

Book: Introduction

This weekend I wrote the introduction to my non-fiction project – Suicide: A Mother’s Story. I want the first paragraph to be quite powerful. It has to grab the reader […]

Failure and Success

It seems the procedure for non-fiction isn’t the same as fiction. With fiction, a writer spends many months writing, editing and proofing the manuscript until they get it to the […]

Non-Fiction: The First Steps

Finally, I’ve found information on writing non-fiction that is written by an author with credentials that look impressive…and she has been published by a number of main stream publishers too. […]