The Show Goes On

I’ve been sick for a couple of days now. Yesterday, left me knocked off my feet and not capable of doing anything – especially writing. I couldn’t even read, which was annoying but the old brain cells refused to function and concentrating for any length of time was out of the question.

My word count hasn’t moved since the weekend for obvious reasons. What’s the point of writing without a brain, the words would be trash. This evening, feeling slightly better, I thought I’d read through what I have for chapter 11 so far…and guess what? I actually found myself writing and I finished the chapter. 😀

I’m pleased with myself. Guess that means I am well enough to return to work tomorrow?!? In an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow or any other day. But…I don’t live in an ideal world. What a shame.

Music – Old and New

I rarely listen to music whilst on the computer. I find it distracting, so can’t write. This afternoon, I’m listening to music while I surf instead. It’s really, really soft so that it doesn’t intrude on my thoughts. There’s quite a mixture of old and new music, but all the songs are sentimental and meaningful for me – none of this head-banging rubbish for me.

Here are the last ten songs I’ve listened to:

  • How Could this Happen to Me by Simple Plan
  • January by Pilot
  • Julia by Pavlov’s Dog
  • Take My Breath Away by Emma Bunton
  • Speed of Sound by Coldplay
  • The Flame by Cheap Trick
  • I Can Love You Like That by Boyz II Men
  • I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith
  • When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating
  • Slipping Away by Max Merritt and the Meteors

What a fabulous list! 😉

What are you listening to?

Night Off

Despite my constant reminders that a writer should write everyday, tonight I’ve decided to give myself some time off. It’s the end of the week, I’m tired and the regulars in a chatroom I visit every Friday night have deserted me. I’ve also finished the rounds on the internet and my eyes are feeling heavy.

I think I’ll attempt to read for a short time, but failing that, I might do something I rarely do…become a couch potatoe. The only thing TV is good for, is letting your mind rest because there’s nothing but dribble on that screen.

I will return tomorrow. 🙂

Writers as Readers

Once a writer becomes serious about their craft, reading no longer has the power to entertain them because a writer develops an editing mind and that mind has its own “little red pen”. Gone are the hours lost in other worlds, and other people’s lives. What once was fun and relaxing, suddenly becomes just another story to critique.

When a writer reads a novel (a published novel), their editing mind finds mistakes and offers suggestions on how to fix those mistakes. It tells them what’s wrong with the main character, find plot holes and picks on sentence structure. It’s so annoying because a writer wants to be a reader…a normal reader. They don’t want to be “on the job” twenty-four hours a day. They have a right to relax just like everyone else.

So how does a writer get rid of that “little red pen”?

Don’t look at me for the answers. I can’t help you with this one. I have my own pen that needs to be capped. If you discover a way to deal with this, let me know.

Go with the flow v. Meeting obligations

I have a dilemma. My writing is going so well right now that I don’t want to break the flow to do other things. Past experience has shown me that if I stop for one day, I’ll stop forever (well “forever” might be going too far, but you know what I mean).

However, I have obligations to meet. I’m a member of two crit groups and should be doing crits in order to post my own work for critiques. Although I love receiving comments, I find giving them tiresome. I know that sounds selfish, and it is. The thing is…I read slow and I dislike reading on the computer, so I have to print the chapters/stories out. It takes forever (there’s that word again) to read the piece and then I find I have to let my thoughts stew for a day before I can write the report, which usually takes a few hours in itself. In other words, it takes at least two days to do one critique.

But the worst thing is that by reading a story in edit mode, I have to switch off from my own story and I find it difficult to switch back. I’m not good at multi-tasking. I’m a one project at a time kind of person. Yet if I leave the crit groups I get no help for my own writing.

Hence, my dilemma!

I would like to allocate one night a week for critting. For this to work, I would have to be able to read the piece and write the report in one night…and I honestly don’t think I can do that. What am I going to do?

Birthday Books

Lunch was wonderful. We joked and laughed, and ate until our bellies were at bursting point. Then, we were thrown out of the restaurant (with a smile). First in, last to leave – that doesn’t happen often.

I received some lovely presents. Among them was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6). I’m in no hurry to read this book because book seven will take a couple of years to be released. I have the set and have read the others and will read this book sometime in the next two years. There’s no hurry.

Charlotte’s Web by E B White was really good. Why didn’t I read this as a child? I have no idea but I’ve made up for that now. There was some head hopping which I found annoying but when I did manage to turn off the internal editor, I discovered a wonderful story about talking farm animals which was refreshing to read. The reader learns a lot about the habits of spiders while reading this story and there is one scene which left me feeling especially sad. If you have children, get this book and read it to them. You’ll both enjoy the time spent together and the story.

This afternoon, after my nap from being full to the brim 😉 , I started reading Dealing with Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book One> by Patricia C Wrede. This is another set of books I’ve never read and although I’m only 35 pages into the book, I like it. It takes the traditional fairy story elements and twists them around. It’s well written too, so I think I’m in for a treat.

Now, I have some writing to do…

Consequences Update

I had a visitor yesterday afternoon – my oldest son. It seems my refusal to let him move in, along with other refusals from other people, made him return to his father and work things out.

My son didn’t stay on the street for longer than it took to phone everyone he knows, and be refused by all those people.

With luck, he’ll realise that his options are limited in the future and he’ll endeavour to do the right thing by his father and stepmother. He thought I’d side with him and rubbish his stepmother and he got a shock when I stuck up for her. I told him that while he lives under her roof, he must abide by her rules.

It was a relief to know that he wasn’t sleeping in dark alleys though.