The Land of Miu (The Land of Miu, #1, 3rd Ed.)

Title: The Land of Miu (The Land of Miu, #1, 3rd Ed.)
Series: The Land of Miu #3
Release Date: 3 May 2015
Author: Karen Lee Field
Genre: ,
Pages: 154
ISBN13: 978-0-9943362-0-0

Short Description: A pre-teen must protect the source of her anger and jealousy when she finds herself in the mystical, and dangerous, Land of Miu.


Long Description: Twelve year old Kate Dawson is unhappy at home. Her widowed mother has remarried and Kate has a stepfather and a six year old half-sister, Emma, who is nothing but a pest. She knows the resentment she feels towards Emma and her stepfather is making her mum unhappy, but Kate is confused by the deep feelings of guilt and jealousy that plague her.

One morning, Emma disappears down a mystical looking well. Irritated but worried, Kate follows and the two girls are thrust into the tunnels of Miu, an unknown place built within the lava tunnels of an extinct volcano. They meet a young Miuan princess and her guard, who are on the run, and the girls are instantly swept into a danger that will test their skills, their friendship and their love.

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978-0-9943362-0-0 (eBook)
Publisher: Kayelle Press Kayelle Press Karen Henderson
Date Published: 10 December 2010 25 November 2011 3 May 2015
Language: English English English
No. of Pages: 136 154 154
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I think that touched me the most, the relationships…

For some reason I was put in mind of the Warriors series when I read this book. Admittedly, I have not had experience with this series before The King’s Riddle was given to me, but I did catch on to the somewhat cat-like theme. The main characters within the story were well laid out and there were parts of “medieval” life that typically get left out of many books of this nature which were included here. A king is a king, but he has a friend or two, someone he trusts. Just because a person serves under you does not deny that friendship. I think that touched me the most, the relationships between parents and children (which weren’t touched on much in this book, but were felt all the same) and between friends and companions.

I’d recommend this book for younger readers who love adventure chapter books. It reads quickly but pulls you in to the events as they happen through the book. Additionally, I felt that the author had spent a good deal of time working out the culture of the people involved in this book. That shows well in the writing and storytelling and the mystery of a new culture always adds to an adventure of this type.

Mirrani (on Goodreads
22 April 2012


Basically, these two little girls follow their adopted kittens down a well to a magical world only to find out that the kittens are actually anthropomorphic looking people. One is a princess, there is a hostile takeover to thwart. The youngest girl is kidnapped by the usurper. Everything ties up in a neat little Disney-esque bow and everyone goes home.

The cats turn into `purr-people’, and every single p word is prefaced by the word purr. It gets a little distracting, especially when grand speeches and danger are involved.

Overall, it was a very cute book. I would have probably enjoyed it immensely were I a middle grade student. It was lighthearted, fun, and a very quick read (I finished it in just under an hour).

xfryx (on Amazon)
15 March 2012
25 February 2012

I really really loved this book

…it was awesome! I loved the action in it and sometimes i could feel my whole body tense up.

Anonymous (Nook Bookstore)
24 April 2011

A good read for young children

This is a very enjoyable read for young children with a great story that will take their imaginations on a journey to the land of Miu, where they will experience adventures. It also teaches children respect and love for others with good family values and of course a happy ending.I hope there will be a follow on to this book.

Denise (on Amazon)
14 April 2011

Entertaining story

This is the first book in The Land of the Miu Series. This was an entertaining story full of imagination. The characters were quite colorful and the story was so descriptive that you could visualize them. The storyline flowed nicely and the scenes in the story just fell into place. Even though you could predict how the story would end, it did not end abruptly like so many novellas tend to do. It was an enjoyable read and I think young children would really enjoy it.

Eva Copperfield (on Eva's Santuary)
2 April 2011

Likeable characters

The book had very likeable characters with believable if not slightly forced personalities, especially where the Miuans were concerned.The story tried to be dark and grim but ended up being more light-hearted than anything else. There were some grammar/spelling errors, but nothing that detracted from the story as a whole. The creatures were interesting, the language was fabulous—I loved what few new words were there—and the ending was a little overbearing. Overall, it was a lovely little story, and a good way to spend an hour or so. Great for beginning readers and preteens.

Sarah (Glatisant) (on Goodreads)
2 January 2011

A fun, easy read

This was a fun, easy read that my distant cousin in Australia has written! I am looking forward to the sequel, Karen!

Valerie (on Goodreads
12 December 2010

Fun feel of a real adventure

I think this book is meant for a younger audience then myself, but I still enjoyed it and I know many younger kids who would have also enjoyed it. It definitely had the fun feel of a real adventure. It made me feel like I used to when I was kid and would rent books from the library and disappear into those worlds. I would have liked to find out more about the Miu people and who/what they are and the world they live in but other than that it was a good read.

Kamisha (on Goodreads)
12 December 2010

Very easy read

This is a very easy read and more for middle grade I would say then anyone else. It was still an enjoyable story and very light hearted. I did enjoy the adventures that Kate had in this book.

Like other reviewers, I wish that we got to learn more about the Miuan people as a whole, but it didn’t take away too much from the story. This is a good book for a rainy day. I would recommend it for younger kids that want something light but that also has a fun adventure in it.

Lily (WhoLockian) (on Goodreads)
12 December 2010

Really liked this book

Thanks First Reads for win! 12 yr old Kate is tired of her half sister Emma, Emma always tells weird things like she can hear the kittens they found talking and she understands them. One morning Kate knows her sister is in trouble so she must find her. Where did she find her and is her little sister telling the truth about the kittens?
Really liked this book. It was different then my usual kind of reading, more of a YA book. But liked it all the same and will be looking for book two!

Dragonfly (on Goodreads)
10 December 2010

Imaginative storyteller

Karen is an imaginative storyteller. If you enjoy fantastical tales, read this book.

Purplelion (on Goodreads
7 November 2010

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