Charaters: Without them, there is no story!

Remember that your reader invests time and money into your story and it is important that your characters capture your reader’s attention, so that they will want to spend more time getting to know them. If the reader does not develop an interest or connection with the main characters from the beginning, chances are they … Read moreCharaters: Without them, there is no story!

Castle under siege!

There were many ways of attacking a medieval castle, and almost as many means of countering such attacks. Ways to Attack The first step was to batter the walls with a variety of “engines”, the most common being the catapult or mangonel. Its throwing beam would haul a massive stone, a pot of flaming “Greek … Read moreCastle under siege!

POV: Who’s telling your story?

Multiple viewpoints are very useful in any novel! In the third person, several viewpoint’s allow the reader wider access to knowledge and events not necessarily involving each character in the story. In addition, changing the viewpoint will often increase the pace of the story and can be used to create mystery and tension. It is … Read morePOV: Who’s telling your story?