Official Judo Information

This is the Official Judo Information Site at and since I’m research Judo, I thought I should add the links here so that I can find them again later when I need them.

This page includes some of the techniques, the rankings for juniors and seniors and some interesting history.

My character must sound like she knows what’s she’s talking about. This page deals especially in self defense which is one of the reasons my character enrolled into the course.

Moving to another location

No, I’m not shifting my webspace again. I’ll be at this location for, at least, the rest of this year but I’ve got this web address for three years so…I’m going no where.

I’ve been complaining about the internet and how much of a distraction it can be. Well, yesterday afternoon I moved all my files onto the kitchen table and finished off my planning…in long hand! Actually, it was good. I write heaps slower than I type which means my brain has time to sort out where its at as I write. I should do it more often.

I completed the history, I adjusted my other notes (for the final time), I wrote a rough story plan then made up a chapter plan from it, I calculated a timeline, a key points list and, finally, a distance list. No great planner is set unless she has everything printed out and neatly placed in a folder, so I did that too.

So…all planning is now 100% complete and writing can commence as soon as I do some research on judo. I’ve made my main character a judo expert and I don’t know the first thing about judo. How crazy is that? I do insist on making life difficult, don’t I?

Garth Nix, Author

On Monday at 1pm, Garth Nix will be giving a talk on writing, in Sydney. I should go to work but I’ve decided that I’m going to have a sickie and go with a friend to listen to what he has to say.

His latest book, Drowned Wednesday hasn’t been out long and I haven’t had the chance to get hold of a copy but I think that might change on Monday. 🙂

Hopefully, this will be an experience that will inspire me on. Garth Nix writes for young adults, he’s Australian and he lives in Sydney – all things that I can say is true about me too (well, almost – I wasn’t born in Australia but I’ve lived here longer than he’s been alive so I guess that makes me Australian in some ways).

I’ll tell you all about it on Monday night.

Making up for lost time

After the anger I felt at myself last night, I was determined not to make the same mistake tonight. I made myself ignore the internet and open the document I’ve been working on and… I’ve finished. The history, my notes, the magic…all done!

I want a spreadsheet that will calculate my daily word count but that can wait for the time being.

Next, I must start working on the chapter outline. Tomorrow night, I’ll start it and hopefully, it won’t be a difficult task. Besides, I have an existing chapter plan that I can adapt. Yes, I’m cheating but if it works, use it.

Now I can wander off and do a bit of reading without feeling guilty and, with luck, I might sleep better tonight.

History is Made

It was fun and easy because most of the details had been sorted out in my head, I just needed to check them with facts. Alone the way, I learned about something in our history which was fascinating.

Anyway, now that I have a history, I realise that the work I’ve already done needs to be changed because it doesn’t fit well with how things started. I know, I’ve really done everything back to front and upside down, but this has been a great learning curve for me.

What’s more, my book will satisfy the curious, the historians and those who just want to read a story. Whereas before it only targeted the last one. I’m so glad that I was pushed into doing this. I take back all those nasty things I thought when I was asked “the question”. 😀