Editing Course: Types of Electronic Documents

This is pretty basic and I wasn’t going to include it on the website, but then I realised that not everyone knows what electronic documents are. My mother still can’t understand why digital cameras don’t need a film or how an email can be received within seconds of sending it, especially when the recipient is … Read moreEditing Course: Types of Electronic Documents

Editing Course: Using Technology

Editing and proofreading is not just about printed matter/publications, it also involves working with other technology such as: A website, where you would proof the pages on-screen and either email, fax or post back the corrections. A PDF document, where you would proof the document on-screen and email back the corrections. A Word, RTF or … Read moreEditing Course: Using Technology

Writing Course: Defined Work Roles

Ideas are everywhere. For a writer this means the capability to write is plentiful. Finding paid employment, on the other hand, is another matter. Work opportunities are often not advertised and are not confined to a 9am to 5pm work day. They are nearly always governed by deadlines. Journalist A journalist writes articles for newspapers, … Read moreWriting Course: Defined Work Roles

Writing Course: Styles/Categories of Writing

This is the second part of the previous post. The topic was too long to do in one sitting. 3b: Styles/Categories of Writing Indigenous Writing: In recent years there has been an increase in Aboriginal writing. The literary voices of Aboriginal people are still being discovered and as this happens Australian literature evolves in authenticity … Read moreWriting Course: Styles/Categories of Writing

Writing Course: Forms of Writing

There are many different types of writing in existence. The writing industry demands they are categorised. This can cause a rigidness but is also handy for organisation and assists in identifying publications. Writing is generally categorised into two main areas – fiction and non-fiction. Fiction Fiction is created from the author’s imagination. Forms of writing … Read moreWriting Course: Forms of Writing