Editing Course: Good Grammarian II

One of the problems with grammar is that words and their usage can change. Hyphenation There are two types of hyphenated words: 1. Those that are double-barrelled because it is their normal spelling. 2. Those that become double-barrelled only when they directly describe an object or person. For example, these words are always double-barrelled: by-line … Read moreEditing Course: Good Grammarian II

Editing Course: Standard & Comparative Proofreading

Yesterday I completed the second half of the practical exercises in topic 2, which I wrote about on Tuesday. This morning I did two more topics, so now I’m back on track. Below are the notes from the theory side of the two topics: 3: Standard Proofreading Standard proofreading uses margin marks (as does comparative … Read moreEditing Course: Standard & Comparative Proofreading

Course: Processes, Conventions and Practices

As discussed previously the editor, copyeditor and proofreader use the same marks but in a slightly different way. The three jobs are separate but are often overlapped. 1. The editor works with the author to make substantive changes to the manuscript (ie changes to characters, chapters, scenes, etc). This is NOT done so that the … Read moreCourse: Processes, Conventions and Practices