Editing Course: Perfect Punctuation I

As today’s topic was extremely short, I decided to work through an extra topic. This topic covers the very basics of punctuation, however it has thrown my writing world upside down. I’ll write a separate post telling you why later. 7: Perfect Punctuation I Important note: The notes below are to Australian standards and may … Read moreEditing Course: Perfect Punctuation I

Editing Course: Editor & Proofreader’s Tools

Becoming an editor and/or proofreader means you must have an excellent understanding of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, formatting and layout. Obviously, no one can remember everything connected with these things so it is important to have a good set of tools. Tools required are: 1. A good localised dictionary (ie it’s no use owning a … Read moreEditing Course: Editor & Proofreader’s Tools

Cat’s Eyes: The Book Depositary

Honestly, I was ultra excited when I saw Cat’s Eyes on The Book Depositary. I don’t know how they do it, but their prices are awesome compared to other online bookstores. They have Cat’s Eyes listed for $17.32. But what makes this price fantastic is that they offer free delivery worldwide. Yes, that’s right, worldwide. … Read moreCat’s Eyes: The Book Depositary

Editing Course: Inside Publishing

When we talk about publishing, most people think of printed books. However, that is only one sector of the publishing world. There is also newspapers, magazines, the education sector and business. Publishing is not limited to printed material either. E-commerce is also part of publishing. This includes ebooks (a fast growing sector), web pages, e-newsletters, … Read moreEditing Course: Inside Publishing

Editing Course: Editing & Proofreading – What’s the Difference?

The second day of my course was all theory. In an effort to retain the maximum amount of information, I intend to write about the theory topics here. However, I probably won’t write posts for the practical topics, which I notice will start from topic 4 onwards. We’ll see what happens when the time comes. … Read moreEditing Course: Editing & Proofreading – What’s the Difference?