eBook Review: Fright Files – The Broken Thing

The Broken Thing by Peter Swift My rating: 4 of 5 stars The cover attracted me to this book. The minute I saw it I paused and thought, “Now, that looks interesting.” It promised weird things with its vivid colours and wacky looking character. Fright Files is a series for younger readers. As I write … Read moreeBook Review: Fright Files – The Broken Thing

eBook Available for Free!

The Land of Miu is the first book in a series for younger readers. It can be purchased as a paperback (refer to my official The Land of Miu page). Or, it can be downloaded as a free ebook from the following places: Smashwords (available in various digital formats including epub and kindle) Kobo Books … Read moreeBook Available for Free!

ET Returns

Actually, ET never left, it just started behaving itself. ET, of course, stands for Essential Thombocytosis. But you knew that, right? Back in July 2010, I wrote a post called The Disorder Has a Name. The disorder is a blood disorder I have and Essential Thombocytosis is its name. I’ve been on medication for 18 … Read moreET Returns

Released: The Land of Miu

On Friday, 25 November 2011, The Land of Miu was published. It is important to note that this is the second edition of the first book of the Land of Miu series. I know it’s getting tiresome reading that sentence everywhere, but I want to ensure existing readers totally understand that this is not the … Read moreReleased: The Land of Miu

A New Cover for The King’s Riddle

The King’s Riddle is the second book of The Land of Miu Series. This book takes us back to the four friends (Kate, Emma, Alara and Siptah) three months after the first book ends. And, this book is told from Siptah’s point of view so the reader will be provided with more background information in … Read moreA New Cover for The King’s Riddle