Inspiration Friday: First Words

Inspiration Friday is all about getting words on to a blank page. This is this week’s exercise: Instructions: Using any set of words below, continue writing a paragraph of no longer than 50 words. Learn to be concise. 1. Mildred Crane leaned over the fence and beckoned… 2. The line of ants moved quickly… 3. … Read moreInspiration Friday: First Words

Inspiration Friday: Exercises for Inspiration

At Scribe’s, the old message board, there was a forum called Exercises for Inspiration. Not one for wasting good ideas, I’ve decided to share the better ones on this website. Until further notice, “Inspiration Friday” will be a weekly exercise for you to use as you see fit. As long as it gets you writing, … Read moreInspiration Friday: Exercises for Inspiration

Living in a Technical World

Recently, I posted on Forms of Reading and the Future and another post entitled Kindle, Sony and the iPhone. Both these posts generated a lot of traffic and I received several comments and even a couple of emails, which was wonderful. As a result of these discussions, I did a lot of research and finally … Read moreLiving in a Technical World

Book Review: Assassin’s Apprentice (Take Two)

Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb My rating: 5 of 5 stars This is the second time I have read this book, the first being in early 2006. Click here to read my 2006 review. On that occasion I had intended to read the trilogy but something happened in my life which stopped me – the … Read moreBook Review: Assassin’s Apprentice (Take Two)