Plan of Donnington Castle and Making a Map

I have been building a fantasy world for the trilogy I plan to write.  Part of that research includes finding out the history of Donnington Castle in southern England.  I can’t, or won’t, tell you the reason for this research as it is top secret.  But I will say that I was overjoyed when I … Read morePlan of Donnington Castle and Making a Map

Inspiration Friday: The Dragon Cometh

Do you want to write but you can’t get your teeth into your current manuscript? How about giving something different a try to see if it will loosen the fingers and the mind. This week’s exercise: Your character is trapped inside a cave with a fire-breathing dragon approaching! What does your character do? Happy writing … Read moreInspiration Friday: The Dragon Cometh

30 Days of WorldBuilding

With my recent decision to scrap a couple of projects I’ve been working on, one in particular, I’ve been thinking about what projects I’m going to concentrate on now. Not being one for working on too many projects at a time, I’ve decided to go with two manuscripts.  One is a much loved project that … Read more30 Days of WorldBuilding

To Plan or Not to Plan

Life has been busy and I haven’t had time to do much of anything lately, especially do the internet rounds and check up on my fellow writers. Today, however, I decided to correct that and have been doing the rounds. The first stop was Benjamin Solah’s website. He’s getting ready to participate in this year’s … Read moreTo Plan or Not to Plan

Writing: Working Towards the Future

For many months I have been working on a manuscript called Mirror Image. It is a project I have always felt was worthy of telling – not only for the story itself, but for the underlying messages too. It is a manuscript I believe in and I know that, if I were to write it … Read moreWriting: Working Towards the Future

October 2009: General Update

There hasn’t been much of interest for me to post about lately. Life is moving forward quickly and before I know it the end of the year will be here. In a few weeks, we intend to go away for a couple of days, inland, which I’m looking forward to for various reasons. The books … Read moreOctober 2009: General Update