How Do I Edit?

Benjamin Solah added a post by the same name – How Do I Edit? – to his blog earlier in the week. I found it interesting to read about how […]

A Writer and Her Armour

Crying in public is not something I like to do. I feel it’s giving other people power over my life as, inevitably, I must explain why I am crying and […]

Looking for an Agent

For a long time, I have attempted to get published without the aid of an agent. Why? I’ve always had mixed feeling about them and preferred to go it alone. […]

In Remembrance

My dearest Barry, It’s been three years. I miss your smile, your laugh, your hugs but I cherish the memories you gave me. Love you always, Mum

Falling into the Cracks

Since moving it seems I’ve falling into the cracks and I don’t have much to do with people anymore, especially on the internet; but also in real life. I imagine […]