Not Sure I Can

Those who visit this blog often will know that I’ve been planning a new novel length manuscript to be written in November (which is only three days from now) for […]

Beware of Identity Theft

As I recently announced, I have profiles on three communities – Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. Personally, I find Facebook to be the best as it’s interactive and I’ve been enjoying […]

The Story Within

My NaNo project is falling together like you wouldn’t believe. I’m extremely pleased with the result and can’t wait to start writing this project. I’ve already started warning my family […]

Planning Mirror Image

Mirror Image will be a young adult novel. It will be character driven with a strong message within the plot. The story is difficult to slot into a genre, but […]

The Lure of a New Project

If you visit a lot of writers’ websites, you’ll soon find a large majority of them openly admit to starting more stories than they finish. There are several reasons for […]

Whispering Caves

Many years ago, in a land far, far away, I started writing a manuscript that took me out of this world and planted me firmly in a world of my […]