A New Start

In recent weeks I’ve found my memory isn’t so bad and I’m sleeping more soundly, which helps me focus on everyday things a lot easier. As my mind is calmer, I find myself wanting to use a calmer template on this website too. I think it’s safe to say that this is the beginning of … Read moreA New Start

It Comes Upon Us

The kinks have been ironed out. The page has been validated. The sidebar is just right. That’s right, the new template for this website is finished and later today it will make its debut. Are you ready? 😀

A Time of Change

Every year I make changes to this website. Sometimes the changes are minor and sometimes they are not so minor. Although the current theme suited me at the time I chose it, I’ve grown bored with it and there are a couple of things that get on my nerves (just a tiny bit), because it’s … Read moreA Time of Change