Sorting the Weeds and the Flowers

Following two hours of sorting through my Writing folder, I think I’m close to knowing which of my stories can can be called “weeds” and which are beautiful “flowers”. Unfortunately, the number of flowers in my vase are few. 😀 At the moment, I’m taking a short break, sipping a cup of tea and … … Read moreSorting the Weeds and the Flowers

Review: False Impression

False Impression is written by Jeffrey Archer. It uses the 9/11 tragedy to capture the reader’s interest, but it is mainly about conspiracies in the art world – or, if you want it in simpler terms, it’s a murder mystery. This book didn’t compare to the other book I’ve read by the same author – … Read moreReview: False Impression

Merry Christmas!

The approach of Christmas has pulled me away from the computer. I’m finding that I don’t have time to visit my own haunts, let alone anyone else’s. The next week will grow increasingly busier with the winding down of work before the holidays (two whole weeks – yay!), and Christmas starting for my family on … Read moreMerry Christmas!

My Submissions

I realised tonight that I don’t even have a “My Submissions” category. Personally, I think that’s a sign of how I haven’t been taking my writing seriously enough. That oversight has now been corrected. I’ve added the submission of Cat’s Eyes to the Sydney publisher, which was made in October 2006, but haven’t bothered with … Read moreMy Submissions

Year of the Writer Comes to an End

At the end of last year, I said 2006 was going to be the Year of the Writer. Besides wanting to see publication for many of my internet writing friends, and for myself, I made a list of goals. I’ve just been reading the list and … I can’t believe it, even though I didn’t … Read moreYear of the Writer Comes to an End