What I Learned

This month, because of Mini-NaNo, I learned something about myself as a writer. I don’t like to write every day. And I don’t intend to write every day again (unless […]

Mini-NaNo: The End

The first draft of Cat’s Paw is finished! It took 27 days to write. I find that to be quite amazing. The only other time I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo I […]

Guilt Driven

When I started Mini-NaNo I promised myself one thing; that I wouldn’t push myself. Tonight, despite that promise, I sat down to write and I pushed myself to reach 18,000 […]

Orange Haze

For some, the beginning of summer is a welcomed event because it chases the winter blues away. People dream about walking in the sun shine, taking cool dips in the […]