WordPress Theme Viewer

If you have your own domain, you can easily change the theme of your site. However, first you have to find something you like. Here’s a good place to start […]

Duotrope’s Digest

Duotrope’s Digest looks like a good resource. Welcome to Duotrope’s Digest, a database of over 1175 current markets for short fiction and poetry. Use this page to search for fiction […]

Evil Editor

Evil Editor was recommended by a member of my message board. This is what they said: Basically, he edits someone’s real query everyday and writes about how to make it […]

A Knight and his Armour

The invention of the stirrup enabled horse-soldiers or knights to wear heavy armour and, at the same time, to control their horses in battle. By the 11th century, knights were […]

The Knighting Ceremony

This is a topic that I’ve skimmed over before but will go into more detail now. Although knighting had been a simple affair during the early Middle Ages, the ceremony […]