The Blogosphere

The blogosphere is an ever growing place. In the past year or two, blogs have become the favourite way to maintain a website. Why? Because it’s so easy to add […]


I live in a draught stricken country, but last night we saw a storm that gave us more water than our “system” could manage. The thunderstorm struck around 7pm. It […]


I started reading Shimmer by Kathryn Deans. She’s an Australian writer (by night) and works in a bank by day. Now, this is no reflection on the writer or the […]

Why do we edit?

Editing means that we try to make our story as flowing and reader friendly as possible. It means that we take away the confusion of awkward sentences, bad grammar and […]

In the Shower

I have a few polished short stories, but all of them are for adults. Yet I recently decided to write for children. Hmm, it’s good to be able to write […]