Targeted Audience

This is NOT writing related, this is blog related. I’ve often wondered what the fascination is about getting a high site metre reading. I know it means people are reading your posts and that’s fine but I’m not talking about normal site metre readings, I’m talking about things like Blog Explosion and other “services” like … Read moreTargeted Audience

It’s Back

Word Metre is back. I don’t know what the problem was but I think they had to restore all their pages. Anyway, I’ve decided that I like seeing the graphic…it’s more inspiring than just numbers. Yet, in my hunt for a new word metre I read numerous blogs that hate them. I can only imagine … Read moreIt’s Back

What’s the Point Anyway?

What’s the point of a scene? There’s only one answer to this question – each scene moves the story along. So if you’re writing scenes that don’t move the story along, then you’re wasting your time. Those scenes need to be deleted, no exceptions. With my latest project, I’ve found myself asking “so what’s the … Read moreWhat’s the Point Anyway?